Crumbs by Carl Manthey Zorn

These devotions were written by Rev. Carl Manthey Zorn, Lutheran missionary and pastor, and were published in 1914. These 365 daily devotions are divided into three sections:

  • Part 1 follows the life of Jesus.
  • Part 2 focuses on the parts of Luther's Small Catechism.
  • Part 3 concerns the Christian life.

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Sequential Format

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Daily Bread Devotions by F. E. Pasche

Each of the 318 daily devotions in this book, published by LCMS pastor Pastor Frederick Emil Pasche in 1926, consists of a topic, a portion of Scripture, a short meditation, a prayer, and a concluding hymn verse. It would seem that there are daily devotions for each day of the year, less the Sundays (when the "daily bread" was received at Church). The devotions are arranged in a systematic order, following the structure of Martin Luther's Small Catechism. These would be suitable for (1) personal daily devotions, (2) re-affirming the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, (3) understanding what Lutherans believe, teach and confess, and why, and (4) providing thoughts, outlines and materials for Bible classes and sermons.

Devotions by Pastor Tim Pauls

Several series of devotions for Advent and Lent written by Pastor Pauls. Each series is provided in PDF files in booklet, sequential, and copier-collated formats.